Australian diplomats break their code of silence and take us into their world: we join them at the coalface as cultures collide and we’re drawn into the lives of Australians in crisis abroad – and their families and friends at home. As their adventures unfold through unexpected and dramatic twists and turns, this structured observational series will shock, surprise and touch the hearts of every family.

Far from the comfort of our suburban living rooms, we enter a complex emotional and cultural new landscape – journeying with our diplomats from the glamour of the Embassy to the bars of Phuket and beaches of Bali to the jails and the hospitals. We see ourselves through new and different eyes as we gain revelatory insight into how we behave in the world – and how the world sees us. Tragic, poignant, funny and confronting, this series reveals what it means to be an Australian traveller in the world today.


Observational Documentary Series (Seasons 1 – 3)

16 x 30 minutes and 8 x 60 minutes

Nine Entertainment Co

Key Creatives

Series Producer
Ross Wilson, Ben Commens, Sandra Welkerling

Line Producers
George Lykouras & Mel Rogan

Executive Producers
Craig Graham & Laurie Critchley

Production Partner
Southern Pictures