My Great Big Adventure (Series 2) is a factual entertainment series for teenagers.
Kayne, Stephanie, Takaya and Nancy take us on a series of immersive challenge based journeys in search of answers to the hot button issues affecting young Australians. We drop in on several groups of teenagers as they talk about the stuff that affects them most – What is mental health? What’s the best way to handle bullies? And how can I tell when someone’s a friend or frenemy? These same conversations propel Kayne and the team on a mission to find the answers.

Major themes of resilience, determination, acceptance and personal empowerment feature heavily throughout the series and each episode will deliver a 360-degree perspective on the issues being discussed. Episodic themes are based on extensive research undertaken by leading experts and organisations and the overarching message of the series is as simple as it is profound: there’s always something we can do to make things better and brighter.

A mix of celebrities and young Australians are called upon to share their personal experiences – we join them through unfolding actuality as they challenge themselves and others; our presenters will also share their own teenage experiences in a purpose designed studio space – the embarrassing moments, the struggles and the mishaps that made them who they are today. This critically acclaimed series continues to be an important resource for schools and families.


Observational Documentary Series

1 x 30 minutes and 15 x 15 minutes

ABC Kids

Key Creatives

Series Producer
Colin Thrupp

Jack Yabsley & Colin Thrupp

Amanda Isdale

Line Producer
Mel Rogan

Executive Producer
Craig Graham