Life-changing moments filmed by the people who lived them.

Moment of Truth is a user-generated series that explores the secret lives of Australians. Each story builds to a surprising personal confession or revelatory moment of truth.

Emotional, hard-hitting and intimate, Moment of Truth showcases the drama of life as told through the personal experiences of ordinary people like us. The series features standalone stories of ten minutes told from a single perspective. Each participant is in control of their story and reveals intimate personal details through I-phone technology, video cameras, photographs, letters and family archive.

Participants use their cameras as confidants – sharing their thoughts, feelings and decisions in the lead-up to their moment of truth. For some, it ‘s a cathartic journey, for others, an opportunity to get that deep troubling secret off their chest. The overarching message here is that it’s good to share problems, issues and dilemmas no matter how painful.


Observational Documentary Series

10 x 10 minutes

ABC iView

Key Creatives

Series Producer & Director
Colin Thrupp

Adeline Gibson

Line Producer
Mel Rogan

Executive Producer
Craig Graham