‘The Justine Clarke Show!’ is a 15 x 7 minute children’s music television series that captures all the backstage drama, excitement and collaboration of putting on a show. In each episode, Justine is accompanied by her stage manager puppet friend, Dash the Dog, and a special guest, who all work together to get everything ready in time for the show.

It’s five minutes until show time at the theatre and Justine Clarke has invited you backstage to help with the final preparations. There are melodies to master, dance moves to fine tune, sets to dress, and costumes to create. And then … the show begins.

‘The Justine Clarke Show!’ is an energetic, humorous exploration of music, dance, theatre and performance – where children get to experience real musical concepts through imaginative play and drama. In each episode, Justine, accompanied by her stage manager friend, Dash the dog, and a special guest will work together to get everything ready in time for the big show.

Each program starts with a getting ready phase followed by a live performance. In the pre-show segment, our audience will learn about the art and craft of theatre and music production, including singing, improvisation, acting, set building, costume design and dancing.  The episode concludes with Justine performing a themed song of the day recorded live at the theatre in front of an audience of enthusiastic children. These original songs have been co-written by Justine Clarke, Peter Dasent, Arthur Baysting, Josh Pyke, Sean Peter, Jane Lindsay, Cameron Bruce, Bruce Griffiths and Tim Rogers, and cover a variety of genres including rock, country, hip hop, classical, disco, folk and more.

Whether it’s turning rhyme into rap, mastering a glam rock ‘n roll dance move or creating some cool drum beats, viewers will be engaged in the drama and the preparation and be ready to sing and dance along during the show. Young children will be inspired to stage their own special shows at home for their families and friends. This is the show about putting on a show – so take your places everyone … it’s time for ‘The Justine Clarke Show!’.


Scripted Drama

15 x 7 minutes

ABC Kids

Key Creatives

Series Producer
Sarah Dabro

Series Director
Justine Flynn

Executive Producers
Craig Graham, Justine Clarke & Sarah Dabro

Bruce Griffiths & Clare Madsen

Sonia Le

Line Producer
Mel Rogan

Original concept 
Justine Clarke & Sonia Le